August 2010
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  • Saying Goodbye to All the Plants in My Front Garden November 19, 2014
    Well, it’s digging day. A day I’ve known was coming since we bought our house 14 years ago. Seems that over 100 years ago when my house was built it was considered a good idea to use clay pipes to carry away the sewage from the houses in this neighborhood. Think about it. You know […] We love hearing from you! Please click here to see all the beautiful photo […]
    Carole Sevilla Brown
  • Teaching native habitats with trout November 17, 2014
    It might seem fishy to set up a 55-gallon fish tank and say you’re going to use to it to teach outdoor education, but so far raising brook trout has been one of the most exciting and engaging projects we’ve taken on at the elementary school where I work. In the local school system, animal […] We love hearing from you! Please click here to see all the beautif […]
    Stacey Evers
  • Aphids are Good? Wait….WHAT??? November 14, 2014
    Down at my pond recently, I waited patiently for a flower fly to land for a photo op.  I use a point and shoot camera and have yet to find that the sports setting is effective at getting close-up photos of insects so I don’t use it.  I took a random shot or two while […] We love hearing from you! Please click here to see all the beautiful photos and let us k […]
    Loret T. Setters
  • Winter Citizen Science Projects November 12, 2014
    Winter is a fabulous time to participate in a wide variety of citizen science projects to help biologists and scientists gather data for conservation planning and further our knowledge of ecosystem health and population abundance of different types of wildlife. I’m working on building a comprehensive list so I’m going to ask for your help […] We love hearing […]
    Carole Sevilla Brown
  • A Heron By Any Other Name Would Be Easier To Identify November 7, 2014
    This is a fun time of year in Florida.  The birds are returning from their summer digs so I get a wide array of visitors.  I glanced out at the pond the other day and eyed a thin white head poking up through the cover of native grasses.  There standing on the tussock in the […] We love hearing from you! Please click here to see all the beautiful photos and l […]
    Loret T. Setters
  • A Fall Break From the Gardens November 6, 2014
    This growing season’s been marked by extremes for me, extremes of both joy and loss. I don’t remember ever being as busy in my whole life as in the past six months, and now that it’s November it’s time to slow down. I’m taking a fall break from the gardens this week, I’m headed to […] We love hearing from you! Please click here to see all the beautiful photo […]
    Jesse Elwert
  • Is It Time to Take Down The Hummingbird Feeders? November 5, 2014
    How late should I leave my hummingbird feeders up in the fall? There is a myth among some wildlife gardeners that leaving your hummingbird feeders up too late in the fall will entice the hummingbirds to hang around when they should be migrating. But this is simply not true. Hummingbirds don’t decide to hang around […] We love hearing from you! Please click h […]
    Carole Sevilla Brown
  • Witch Hazel November 4, 2014
      The autumn bloomer. American witch hazel, Hamamelis virginiana. Blooming to catch the last of the lovely purple asters. The asters have been blooming for many weeks now, adding an unexpected color to the color scheme of fall. Their bloom time overlaps, just a bit – but I’m getting distracted. I want to tell you about American […] We love hearing from you! […]
    Brenda Clements Jones
  • A Bittersweet problem November 3, 2014
      When I was a kid my grandmother had an annual tradition of collecting native bittersweet vines (Celastrus scandens) for her fall bouquets and harvest decorations.  Mom, Granny and my brother and I would pile into the station wagon and drive down country roads and other out-of-the-way wild places and fenced farm fields in search […] We love hearing from you […]
    Judy Burris


Why Wildlife Gardening?

“When one tugs at a single thing in Nature,

he finds it hitched to the rest of the Universe.”

J. Muir

I’ve recently been invited to join a group of gardeners on a new adventure at, a site dedicated to “re-defining beautiful” in the garden. Why would a vegetable gardener join [...]